Dance team captain leaves her mark


Macie Goldfarb and Kathryn Carrick celebrate winning first place at nationals

As the dance season comes to an end for Macie Goldfarb, the senior and captain must say goodbye to the team and three years of memories.

Prior to joining the school’s Purrfections dance team, Goldfarb was introduced to the future assistant coach while part of the Dance Mania team.

“I have actually known Macie for over six years,” assistant coach Stephanie Shaw said. “My first impression of Macie was this adorable 12-year-old that was taller than me and could bring on the sass like no other.”

The skill and technique of dance lured her into it, according to Goldfarb.

“The thing about dance is that it’s not only athleticism but artistry, which I never got with the other sports I played,” Goldfarb said.

Goldfarb joined the team in seventh grade and then took a break until she joined the team again for her junior year.

“When I heard she was coming to West Shore, we tried so hard to recruit her on to the dance team,” Shaw said. “Over the years, Macie still brings that sass to the stage but she has matured and grown up. She’s always Dancer of the Year in my book. It’s been amazing to watch her as a youth dancer grow into this strong, confident and beautiful young lady.”

At the beginning of senior year, Goldfarb was chosen as one of the captains of the team.

“I knew I had what it took to lead a team, [and ] being with my club studio … I learned how to properly ‘clean’ a dance,” Goldfarb said. “With those skills, I think it paid off.”

Dance team captains must be responsible and helpful, while also being able to balance the qualities of the other captain.

“No matter what has been asked has Macie, she always delivered,” Shaw said. “Sometimes the coaches would make choices and Macie, as the captain, respected those decisions and helped the rest of the team get on board. Macie is always on top of her game as well. Being a senior is hard enough, let alone being captain of the dance team, involved in many extracurricular activities and putting on Dance for a Cure. She is wonderful at multitasking and organizing. Macie and Kathryn [Carrick] were a wonderful balance of each other.”

Goldfarb also offered her guidance to future dance team captains.

“Advice I’d give to a future captain is to not back down when things get tough,” Goldfarb said. “It sounds obvious, but being the leader of a team that some of your best friends are on can lead to some struggles at times. You have to remember that your coach picked you for a reason and you always have to go with your gut, even when your friends try to pressure you otherwise.”

The team recently was awarded first place at a national level competition for the first time.

“My favorite moment by far was winning nationals in the extra small varsity pom division,” Goldfarb said. “That was amazing and something we’ve never even come close to accomplishing.”

As Goldfarb plans to attend University of Florida, she is faced with finding a way to continue to pursue her passion for dance.

“Im currently contemplating auditioning for the UF Dazzlers,” Goldfarb said. “If I don’t try out, I’ll still definitely try to find ways to dance in college, whether it’s in a club or just in my own town.”

By Roxy Underwood