Dance Mania grabs Globes at Worlds

Recently members of Dance Mania competed at a World Competition in Orlando, bringing home two Globes in one year for the first time.

“Woe practiced the entire week before leading up to it so that we were prepared,” freshman Danni Gelin said. “The first day Senior jazz was in fourth, but we changed like two sections, so then Senior jazz moved up to third.”

But that wasn’t the only good news.

“My Small Senior Pom won second place of that division behind Japan, who won first place,” junior Macie Goldfarb said. “In Small Senior jazz we won Bronze, so third place, behind two other American teams. That was a really successful thing for us because our studio, before Worlds of this year, only had three Globes, which is what it’s called when you place top three in your division.”

Despite the success, Goldfarb said she’s relieved the competition is over.

“Backstage was kind of like really nerve-wracking the whole time cause you’re warming up with all your other competition around you and watching you,” Goldfarb said. “It’s a lot of pressure to freak them out and impress them. You have to do stuff in your dance and make sure you guys look good before you’re actually on stage.”

By Ava Bussey