Chip Golden rebuilds JV boys’ basketball

There’s a new face of the junior varsity boys’ basketball team, his name: Chip Golden, the new head coach. Coming off a season full of losses JV boys’ basketball needed a big change and a new head coach provides the opportunity to do so. Bringing in a new energy, style of play, point of view and different expectations Golden is hoped to help the boys’ make their comeback.

“Since it’s my first year with the team I don’t have any expectations regarding our wins and losses,” Golden said. “Beyond that, I expect dedication, effort and a selfless focus on the team.”

The expectations Golden has for the boys’ all stem from the reason he decided to take the job as their head coach.

I think learning the relationship between hard work and success is very important for young people,” Golden said. “And I think sports is one of the best ways to realize this.  Learning this relationship will help players achieve success throughout their life, and I enjoy being a part of that.”

Golden is not only looking for success in the upcoming season, he is trying to help the players develop in both the game and in life. His coaching style directly reflects those goals.

“The style I’m trying to teach concentrates on effort, team focus and basketball IQ,” he said. “I think this benefits the team as it doesn’t rely on height, speed or other individual characteristics that can’t be taught.”

His focus is on learning and developing rather than being the best or the most athletic, as many teams rely on those sole characteristics. Golden wants a well-rounded team who is willing to put in the work it takes to succeed.

“He’s definitely going to be good for the program,” sophomore James Green said. “His coaching style fits our team really well and is really pushing everyone to be their best, which is really important, especially because we’re so young.”

With the team being made up of five sophomores and eight freshman, they will tend to have less experience than other schools which could be a disadvantage but, Coach Golden sees this differently than many would.

“I view being a younger team and perhaps the ‘underdog’ as an opportunity instead of an obstacle,” he said. “Our players will get to compete with older teams, and that’s a great way to get better.”

This positive attitude could help the boys’ go far this season.

“Coach is all about growth,” sophomore Luke Marzano said. “No matter what the issue or weakness is he tries to help us learn from it, rather than just punish us for a mistake, which I definitely think will help us grow as a team with him.”

No matter the results that come from this season, the new head coach is looking for the boys to improve and grow both individually and as a team. Of course he wants to win games but he believes to do so, mentality is key.

“My biggest goal for this season is improvement,” Golden said. “And I think their biggest opportunity for improvement is understanding that every part of every possession matters and adds up to determine who wins the game. Defensive pressure, rebounding, patience on offense, all these things happen multiple times in a game. To win, we must get them right at every opportunity.”

By Madison Ainbinder