Students aim to help feed hungry kids

In Brevard County, more than 50 percent of kids that are in elementary schools are at risk for childhood hunger and malnutrition. But The Children’s Hunger Project, Inc. is working hard to change that number. An organization that was brought to West Shore a few months ago focuses primarily to help provide food for the weekend to as many kids as possible from Monday to Friday every week. Jane Theofiledes (11) has become involved thanks to Marci Bratman and her son Jesse.

“The reason I wanted to join when it was brought to my attention by Mrs. Bratman was after hearing what the intentions were and the stories of some of the children that we have the opportunity to help,” Theofiledes said. “I have always had a soft spot for kids especially when I hear of the situations such a large number of children in Brevard are living in. A story that really hit me was about an extremely young child who lived with his grandparents and was already worried about affording food each month. It made me think about how privileged I am and how I should be giving back to help to those who aren’t as fortunate.”

The organization has held a number of meetings during Power Hours and outside of school. So far, monies have been raised though a  5-k race at Viera High School and a dine-out fund-raiser at  Taste of India, a local restaurant that donated a percentage on the evening’s proceeds back to West Shore’s chapter. In addition, Theofiledes came up with the ideas of selling bracelets which state “Kids Helping Kids,” a quote Marci Bratman preaches to the members of Children’s Hunger on campus. 

“Mondays through Fridays are sometimes the only food some kids have access to until the next Monday,” Theofiledes said. “We provide bags of packaged foods that include items like KIND bars, fruit cups, juice boxes and other non-perishable foods. The selections of foods change every few months when they run out.”

By Marissa Stazzone