Latin students shine at regionals; look ahead to states


Cassidy Corey

Latin students bring home awards from their regional competition

Students from all Latin levels compete in a yearly region-wide competition where they take either two tests from their chosen subjects or they take one test and submit a creative project. For a creative project students can pick anything from models of items from mythology to costumes based around a preselected theme. 

“I made life-size wings modeled after the wings of Icarus,” eighth-grader and Latin 2 student Eileen H. said. “I spent about 45 minutes every day for two weeks before the competition to make the wings.” 

The topics of the tests are a multitude of subjects under Roman and Greek lifestyles and language.

While West Shore typically perform well in the competition, but eighth-grade Latin 1 student August T. said he felt he was at a disadvantage  because Latin teacher Jennifer Staton took maternity leave earlier this year. 

I took the Latin 1 vocabulary test and it was pretty simple but because Mrs. Staton was out, I didn’t learn as much vocabulary before regionals but the questions were pretty straight-forward,” he said. 

Students have been provided with a study guide before the competition, but eighth-grade Latin 1 student Ian S. says he isn’t going to use it until the higher level competitions. 

I didn’t study my test topic for regionals but I am going to try to study European geography for my test at states,” Ian said. 

Students had many activities that were open to watch and compete in. One of which was Certamin, a game show-style activity where teams of four compete against other schools’ teams to answer a variety of on level questions about a variety of topics. Other games were played in Holy Trinity’s gymnasium. 

“My favorite parts of the competitions was probably watching Certamin, playing in the gym with a bunch of other schools, watching a movie and getting our rewards” eighth-grader and Latin 1 student Adelia T. said. 

The next competition is at a state level and will be held in Orlando over three days in March. Students will have access to a variety of activities which weren’t able to be held at Holy Trinity. 

“I’m looking forward to staying [at states] with all of my friends and remaking my project the best I can,” August said. 

Last month, 37 students attended to Regional Latin Forum at Holy Trinity, where about 300 students from around the county competed. The following West Shore students earned recognition:

Huka Takenaka, first place in Mixed Media (Painting)

Nathaniel Bryant, first place in Latin Derivatives

Brian Duong, first place in Mythology Level II

Dasha Budko, first place in Paintings

Caelan Garcia, first place in Audio/Visual

Sean Kenney, first place in 2D Digital Art

Daniel Mirell, third place in Audio/Visual

Daniel See, second place in Audio/Visual

August Terry, second place in Drawings

Cassidy Corey, third place in 2D Digital Art

Eileen Hatch, double third place in Mythology II and Miscellaneous 5-9

Noah Horne, second place in Hellenic History II

Sienna Lies, double second place in Latin Literature II and 2D Non-Graphic Art

Jacky Loi, third place in Advanced Grammar

By Cassidy Corey 

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.