Campus adjusts to life after Parkland

There has been a growing concern about the campus safety among students and parents because of the Feb. 14 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“My parents’ and my views on the safety of West Shore hasn’t changed much,” freshman Sophia Mandese said. “There have been many safety precautions put in place recently, which might be inconvenient sometimes, but helps to keep students and staff safe.”

Guidance Counselor Spero Tschontikidis said agrees that the shooting has impacted our campus.

“I haven’t had any students personally come to me,” Tschontikidis said. “But there was one student who knew someone involved in the shooting and had to take a day off to go to their funeral.”

Tschontikidis said the faculty also has been impacted.

“Teachers are concerned too,” he said. “They’re making sure that doors are locked when class is going on. Teachers are also split over the idea of arming educators for more security. It’s good that we’re addressing the issue of keeping the school safe, but it’s going to be interesting to see how these outside-the-box strategies are considered.”

By John Luu