Lunch boxes top fashion list for junior

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

Waking up in the morning and picking out a lunchbox might seem like a simple task for most people, but not for junior Jackie Heller.

“I pick out my outfit according to what lunchbox I will be carrying that day,” Heller said. “Getting dressed is the last thing I do, so I know what to wear after I packed my lunch. Usually I’m just drawn to whatever lunchbox matches my outfit best.”

Heller says she has collected her 12 lunch boxes during the past several years.

“It’s different from accessorizing with other things because most people don’t do it,” Heller said. “Like a lot of people might wear scarves, but lunchboxes are a more fun and unique thing to plan your outfit around.”

Heller’s lunch boxes include those displaying the images of Spiderman, Disney princess, Scooby Doo and Spongebob.

“I think I like to pick out what lunch box I’m carrying according to my mood too,” Heller said. “If I’m feeling girly or happy, I might pick up my Disney princess or Littlest Pet Shop lunchbox instead of my Spiderman one. But mostly I just have to make sure it doesn’t clash with the color I’m wearing.”

Heller estimates she’s spent about $200 on her lunchbox collection.

“A lot of them I get as gifts, but the ones that I do buy, they can really add up,” Heller said.

“It’s really funny looking at what Jackie wears and noticing that she’s always carrying a different lunchbox,” junior Virginia Compton said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her carry the same one.”

Heller says she also has experimented with making her own lunch box.

“I saw somewhere that someone made a lunchbox out of empty Capri Sun pouches,” she said. “I tried to sew them together but mine turned out a mess. That’s why I don’t carry it too often.”