Volleyball ends with belated banquet

The varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams held their end-of-season banquet in the cafeteria on Oct. 27. The banquet was held immediately after school because of COVID-19 restrictions.

“It was just coaches and players, along with immediate family members,” junior Jessica Marzano said. “We all were forced to wear masks, social distance and were not allowed to eat or have a brunch like normal because then everyone would take off their masks.”

Sophomore Shayla Regan, voiced her disappointment.

“I’m really sad about the banquet being all changed up,” she said. “It was my favorite part of the season, mostly for the nice place we went to which included nice tables, venues, and food. I don’t think it was necessary to cancel the banquet. COVID only kills people with pre-existing conditions, which most likely are not child volleyball players. It also only has a 0.6 percent chance of death. So overall I am very frustrated with the changeup in schedule, and wish we could just go back to our normal ways of life.”

By Kate Burgess