Space Coast Art Fest set for Nov. 30

Beautiful paint strokes on canvases and the smell of determination. The Space Coast Art Festival has been scheduled for Nov. 30- Dec. 1 in Downtown Cocoa Beach. The event will display artwork from young teenagers up to adults and will show off their artistic talents. The festival has several categories of art being displayed such as 3D sculptures, photography, mixed media, drawing and painting.

Graphic design and art teacher James Finch has had students participate in this event for more than 10 years. He explained the judging in this festival is very interesting because the judges interview the artists and find out their goals and objectives within their work of art. He said that students have been working since the beginning of the school year and some even over summer on the projects they will be entering into the art show. Finch also said that he has had many winners in the past that have won great amounts of money for their pieces.

Sophomore Hannah Keats, a participant in last year’s show, explains how she feels about the art show and what she expects to get from it.

“I like it; it’s fun,” Keats said. “My mom is in the adult art show with the professional artists. It’s nice to be able to hang out with my mom and all my friends. It’s also really cool to see everyone else’s art. I expect just a fun experience.”

By Maunica Dorsch