Senior gathers donations for Dominican Republic

Senior Rima Chakhtoura will fulfill her Senior Project requirements by hosting a fundraise for a school in need in the Dominican Republic.

“Donations include money, school supplies, and red t-shirts,” Chakhtora said. “I have already done this at my church and we raised over $100 and sixty shirts.”

Chakhtora chose to donate to the Dominican Republic because of a mission trip members of her youth group took, where they saw what little the children have.

“Even though the kids live in poverty,” she said. “They still value education and want to do the best they can. I wanted to do all I can to make their dreams come true.”

The donations were originally suppose to end on Jan. 31 but Chakhtora plans to extend it another week.

“As of right now not many people have donated,” she said. “But I’m hoping things will turn around.”

Chakhtora chose this as her senior project because she plans on majoring in the education program.

“I love learning about diversity for my paper,” Chakhtora said. “And the fundraiser was my way of helping those in need.”