Season ends, but teammates dance on

The dance team season is officially over. The Purrfections will not be having any more practices until tryouts start up again in April, but this does not mean that the dancers will stop dancing. Majority of the team members dance outside of school on studio teams.

“I have been dancing at Heathers dance studio for a couple of years now. When it is dance team season, it gets hard because I have to focus on two different teams,” senior Ashley Norris said. “But it benefits me in the long run because when I start up with school dance, I have not lost any skill or flexibility because I’m constantly dancing.”

Norris, along with teammates Grace Kirshner, Maddie Brownlie, Lauren Novak, Devin Dolnik, Rachel Montgomery and Jessie Shaw all dance out side of school.

“I think being on two different teams is very beneficial to myself because I am able to learn new skills at each of my practices for different teams and end up using them for everything,” freshman Lauren Novak said. “It gets tough because I have other things to do like homework and family activities but it is all worth it because it makes me a better dancer.”

By Jessie Shaw