NHS inducts new members

The National Honor Society held its Induction Ceremony to officially accept new members into the club. Their ceremony was held in the school auditorium on March 7.  At the ceremony, the new members and their parents were told about the club and were honored for joining. They were also given their pins and certificates. 

“There was a candle lighting and had us say the pledge,“ sophomore Ella Dorfman said. “[The club sponsor] gave their speeches about the principles of NHS and called our names.”

Members who weren’t being inducted turned out and supported the new members and volunteered at the event.

“They are also giving members who volunteer at the ceremony points for membership,” junior Isabel Miles said. 

Because of COVID-19, many members now in the NHS never attended to their inductions.

“I actually didn’t go to mine since it was last year and I don’t believe they had one because of COVID,” junior Matthew Krininger said. 

By Allie Wright