Heath heading to Viera High School

Economics, American history teacher and Student Government Association sponsor Heidi Heath is leaving West Shore and the end of the school year for a teaching position at Viera High in order to work closer to her home.

“It equates into 17 minutes longer going just one way, which equals approximately two and a half hours per week,” Heath said. “I have three kids and want to spend those minutes with them.”

Heath said the increase in gasoline prices also figured into her decision.

“It is a difference of 15 miles going one way,” Heath said. “Those miles add up to 150 miles and $16 per week.”

In Heath’s absence, history teacher Robert Sarver will take over as sponsor for SGA.

“I plan to be supportive and a behind-the-scenes asset for SGA and their officers,” Sarver said. “The officers have already started meeting with me and among themselves to begin planning events for next year. It will be a lot of fun for all of us and a good experience for everyone involved.”

Heath has high hopes for the SGA in the future.

“What I love about SGA is our ability to overcome failure,” Heath said. “Our club accepts without condemnation the possibility of failure and that releases us to try.”

By Julia Levy