Administration turns down carnival proposal

Sydney Saunders, Staff Writer

With its proposal for a school carnival rejected, the Sophomore Class participated in a meeting Monday afternoon in which they discussed alternate fundraising ideas for the Junior Prom.

“The administration felt that many would not participate in the carnival and events since they are usually projected to a younger audience,” Woyshner said.

Although many students vowed that they would attend the carnival, Woyshner said there were more fundraising options available such as class T-shirts, a movie night, a spaghetti dinner, talent shows and decorating the cafeteria to resemble a haunted house.

“Observing the meeting persuaded and convinced me to become a part of the club. I feel that we have to work collectively for the things we want,” sophomore Kristina Manning said. “This is a great club for us to get closer and learn about one another.”