New Latin Club forms

In West Shore’s first ever Latin III/AP Club’s meeting, members elected officers. The president is junior Rhys Sheker, vice president is sophomore Gabriel Schwartz and secretary is freshman Anya Johnson. Sophomore Arianna Issit has taken the part of treasurer and freshman Walter Wilinsky is the club historian.

“We intend to raise money,” Sheker said. “For both our educational trip to Rome where we go over spring break of 2018, and our academical trip to county and state forums, or Certamen.

“To pass decisions, we plan to work with students from the lower Latin classes to brainstorm and innovate new ways,” he added. “Anyone who would like to partake in the Latin Club has to be in Latin I, II, III or AP.”

Issit received a surprise at the first meeting.

“I didn’t know I was a part of the Latin Club,” she said. “I’m treasurer because I’m good with math, I’m also cute and I get by.”

By Walter Wilinsky