Mu Alpha Theta ponders T-shirt deisgn

Mu Alpha Theta is the latest battleground topic for math-loving students as the debate over club sponsor Annie Nery’s face being on the club T-shirt heats up.

“I personally think it’s a stupid idea,” said senior Kelsi Minter, who has been in the club for two years. “I don’t want it, it freaks me out.”

A simpler looking design has been favored by many in the club, including Minter.

“I just want a basic blue shirt to flex my math skills,” Minter said. “I’d rather the shirt just say ‘Mu Alpha Theta’ rather than have a picture of Mrs. Nery’s face.”

But not all mathematicians on campus agree with the simple T-shirt. Many prefer the returning design of Nery’s face over a minimalistic composition.

“It’s really inspirational to me,” senior Angela Maley said. “I’m not yet in the club, but I see her face and it makes me want to join.”

For some students, having a Mu Alpha Theta T-shirt is essential to the school year. 

“I don’t have one but I’m dreaming of owning one,” Maley said. “I really want to join the club because I want that exact T-shirt. I’m not the best in math but if I wore that T-shirt I would feel special.”

Both parties, however, would settle for either design.

“I think a T-shirt really brings the community together,” Minter said. “It really brings us mathletes together. Everyone feels really connected and special.”

By Jackson Stradtmann