Hayes eyes a season of redemption

As he approached the finish line in the state 800-meter qualifying face, junior Jared Hayes fell and could not finish the race.  Hayes said he plans on having a different outcome this time around.

“Last year was a fluke,” Hayes said. “There’s not even a possibility of me embarrassingly falling this year. I’ve been working really hard and my hope this year is to make it to states.”

Hayes’ personal record 800 meter is 1:59.61 minutes, and during last season’s now infamous regional run, he was on pace for a 1:57 finish.  

“I’m not mad about falling because now I know what I am capable of doing,” Hayes said. “It would have been nice to get that [personal record] then, but I’m going to get it this year. I’m going for a 1:56.0 which is one second faster than my pace at regionals.”

Hayes has a adopted a new personal motto to help keep him focused on his goal.

 “Don’t wish for it, work for it,” he said.

By Matthew Senft-Greenberg