Hatter experiences Bahama surprise

During Spring Break, students traveled far and wide for the short time they had off school. Sophomore Lena Hatter had a pleasant surprise for her break.

“Originally, my parents told my brother and I that we were going to Clearwater. So, we woke up really early because it’s a long drive; I was getting ready to take a nap and my dad pulled into the Melbourne International Airport and my little brother asked what we were doing there. We didn’t find out where we were going until we got on the plane.”

The Hatter family traveled to Bimini, an island off the east coast of Florida in the Bahamas, and stayed from March 31 to April 5.

“We flew in on Easter Sunday and we learned that the people of Bimini celebrate Easter Monday as well as Easter Sunday, so they have a four-day weekend. The people throw a huge festival which was really cool to experience another culture,” Hatter said. “I was so excited since it was a place I’ve never been before and I was really eager to see a new place and learn new things. I tried new food, experience new culture, and went swimming a lot because the water was so blue and pretty. I also saw sharks, dolphins, lots of fish and reefs, Hatter said.”

By Alysa Taylor