Edline glitches rile students, teachers

As the school year is wrapping up, more than likely you’ll find both students and teachers stressing about finals and end-of-course exams. Now, to add onto that stress, the learning community management system website known as Edline has been experiencing technical difficulties, causing headaches for students and teachers alike.

Edline being down really [stinks],” freshman Auston Gonzalez said. “I keep getting confused and stressed about my grades. For one of my classes the report showed up with grades from January, so hopefully the site gets fixed soon.”

Not only does this temporary inconvenience impact students across campus, but it has also caused some panic among the teachers.

“I’ve lost all of my grades from the fourth nine-weeks, so I’m in limbo,”  language arts teacher Adrienne Gent said.  “I’m not sure if I should add more grades or wait until I get word from the district.”

While district officials currently are unsure on approximately how long Edline could be down for, one thing’s for certain, the sooner it gets fixed, the better.

“As of now, I’m trying to grade papers and and separate them into piles so when — and if — resolved I can go and post grades,” Gent said. “It has slowed my grading process down significantly though.”

By Taylor Smith