Dancers reflect on their busy schedules

Homework alone is a lot to handle, but having a busy schedule makes it even harder. Many dancers work long hours at studios outside of school and then head home and spend their nights doing homework.

Freshman Danielle Gelin dances a total of 17 hours a week.

“For me personally, I have to do my homework really late at night,” Gelin said. “It gets really tough because I have to drink a lot of coffee just to keep myself awake.”

Junior Macie Goldfarb manages a similar schedule as she dances about 13 hours a week.

“It is like super-important to have time-management skills,” Goldfarb said. “The key thing is not to procrastinate because then the next thing you know it’s like Thursday night and you got home at 9:30 from dance and you have three hours of work ahead of you.”

Despite the long hours and strenuous workload, Goldfarb said she loves what she does.

“Sometimes I’m like why do I do this to myself. I could just not dance and then get my homework done and actually sleep. But then when I’m on stage competing or having a bonding experience with my team, that’s my reminder: This is why I do it. And then that’s what keeps me going.”

By Katie Perez