AP teacher switches up final exam schedule

With AP exams only a month away, AP United States History and AP Psychology teacher Athena Pietrzak has announced a different approach to her final exams. Her classes will take them before the AP exams, more than a month before the school year ends.

“It is definitely beneficial to take the final exam a week or to before the final exam,” Pietrzak said. “It prepares students and gives them a full run-through of the AP exam.”

Sophomore Kyle Knapp, who is in Pietrzak’s AP US History class, agreed that taking the final exam before the AP exam would be beneficial.

“I think it will be good practice before the AP exam,” he said. 

Pietrzak said she felt her classes are well-prepared for the final and AP exams.

“If nothing else, the students have seen all the material and all the formats,” she said.

Nevertheless, she said she would have liked more time to teach the subjects on a deeper level.

Pietrzak also said she does not want her students to have to take a cumulative exam for the class weeks after the national exam.

“I feel like the work-reward system is that after you are done with the national exam, you are rewarded with enrichment and fun,” she said.

By Vincent Stone