Upperclassmen ready for Challenge


Srimayi Tenali

Juniors Hannah Montgomery, Ashley Norris and Ryan McCullough represent Whitacre’s Waddlers at Friday’s Wildcat Challenge.

Wildcat Challenge is a West Shore tradition that has been in effect since spring semester of the 2001-2002 school year. The field-day event was originally created to get seniors and juniors to come to school while others were taking standardized tests. With time, Wildcat Challenge became a heartfelt tradition that unifies homerooms.

“I’m really excited for Wildcat Challenge because I feel like it’s one of those special events that you’re always looking forward to as an underclassman,” junior Noelle Moore said, “My home room is the Rehm-C hammers. We chose it because it’s a really funny pun, and we get to dress up in fun costumes.”

During Wildcat Challenge senior and junior homerooms go head-to-head in a number of games and activities including volleyball, kickball, ski race, brain bowl and of course the infamous tug-o-war. The competition between each homeroom is  intense.

“Wildcat Challenge is one of my favorite times of year,” senior Steven Tenbusch said. “All the home rooms have so much fun competing against each other.”

The 13th annual Wildcat Challenge will take place Friday.