Time to trick or treat


Sophomore Jack Boucher said he enjoys Halloween because of all the memories he has made.

“I just like how all my friends and I get to hang out,” Boucher said. “It’s really fun to go outside and mess around the whole night.”

Sophomore Christian Rebec said he also plans on celebrating Halloween with his friends.  

“I’ll probably just go trick or treating with my friends because I like getting free candy,” Rebec said. “I also like seeing all the cool jack-o-lanterns that are lit and seeing the overall atmosphere and scariness of Halloween.”

He remembers the Halloween traditions that he has with his friends from previous years, and he hopes to continue these traditions.

“Me and my friends all make jack-o-lanterns and whoever did the worst one has to wear it all night,” Rebec said. 

However, Boucher expressed some concerns about Halloween falling on a Monday. 

“I really wish we didn’t have school the day after Halloween,” Boucher said. “It’s going to be difficult to wake up and go to school the next day, and it will also be hard to get homework done on Halloween.”

By Chloe Garoust