Students Say Goodbye to Long Lunch Lines

Auston Gonzalez , Staff Writer

Lunch lines to the door and crowds of students have come to an end. Free lunch ended Friday, Oct. 20, causing many students to return to bringing their own lunch, or going back to the à la carte lines. Free lunches were provided to compensate for the damages from Hurricane Irma.

Students made sure to take advantage of the situation, and some are disappointed that it has come to an end.

“Sometimes the food was good and it let me switch up my lunch choices,” junior Chase Hester said. “I wish we got free lunch for a longer time, but it was pretty good while it lasted.”

Others, however, are happy to see the extended lunch line finally vanish. Senior Kayla Garoust said she’s happy to see more space again.

“In the beginning of the year the cafeteria was really crowded, but then it settled,” Garoust said. “Then when the hurricane hit and free lunch was offered, it got crowded all over again, so it was kind of annoying. I’m happy that the line will be shorter again so there will be more space in the cafeteria.”