Short End of the Stick

Junior varsity is no more for the boys’ lacrosse team this season because only 29 players tried out for the team and that is not enough to fill a varsity and JV team. The solution that Coach Chuck Landmesser came to was to create a team made up of the remaining players that will compete through the Brevard Lacrosse Alliance beginning in March.

“We’re going to have a developmental team,” Landmesser said. “So anybody in seventh and eighth grade and some even in ninth will be able to play on this team. These players will be used as a practice squad, so they will still practice with varsity. We are hoping that this will give them an opportunity to still play, still be associated with the West Shore team and then hopefully get the [try-out] numbers back up again so we can have a JV team in the future.”

Freshman Cheyne Johnson was one of several players who was put on the developmental team.

“I was disappointed there wasn’t a JV team this year,” Johnson said. “I’m pretty excited to play in March because I feel like I’ll be able to play for long times during games.”

Even senior Kyle Fitzgerald, entering his fourth year on varsity, said there’s a noticeable difference this year.

“It’s extremely odd not having a JV team where we can teach some of the younger kids fundamental skills,” Fitzgerald said.

This challenge comes in Landmesser’s first season as head coach after Coach Dan O’Halloran held the title of head coach for the past three years. With Landmesser becoming head coach, it may take some adjusting from returning players.

“Landmesser taking over has been a huge change especially for me,” Fitzgerald said. “He makes us run a lot more and the drills are more physical rather than stick-skill intensive.”

Middle schoolers and freshmen are still welcome to join lacrosse up until March when the developmental team begins playing.

“In years past we’ve had seventh and eighth graders going against seniors,” Landmesser said. “This year in the development league they will be competing against students more likely to be in there age group.”

By David Thompson