Seniors struggle to order cap and gown before deadline


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Principal Rick Fleming presides over the 2019 graduation ceremony at the King Center.

Even though the deadline for seniors to order their caps and gowns for graduation is Dec. 1, approximately 100 seniors have still yet to do it.

“I am definitely concerned some people won’t meet the deadline,” Senior Class Secretary Faith Collins said. “Thanksgiving Break is approaching and most people don’t think about school over the break. By the time we get back from break. there are around three days left to order cap and gowns.”

Collins said the senior class officers have tried their best to notify the seniors of the approaching deadline.

“We have contacted seniors through our group chat, school emails, the announcements, Google Classroom and even through English and homeroom teachers,” Collins said. “We honestly have tried everything at this point to communicate the approaching deadline.”

Despite their efforts, senior Zachary Zammas said he has been caught up in the rest of the responsibilities that senior year encompasses.

“It’s senior year and I have college applications,” Zammas said. “It is hard to find the time for these other little things I need to do for graduation.”

Zammas called the cap and gown requirement for graduation could use some modification.

“I think a uniform graduation is necessary but they could just ask to wear black, blue or something instead of a cap and gown,” Zammas said. “Renting some cheap polymer is too expensive.”

Even though the graduation is in May, Zammas said there is the administration’s deadline, then there is the real deadline.

“I suppose the actual deadline is the night before graduation,” Zammas said. “But admin doesn’t want that posted.”

The order deadline is set by Jostens and not by West Shore. For more information contact Jostens at (321) 242-2055.

By Jolie Russo