Runners train for first track meet

With the first track scheduled for Friday at Melbourne Central Catholic, many track veterans, as well as newcomers have high expectations for the season.

Coach Greg Hayes hopes that the 4 by 800 meter relay race can be brought down to just under eight minutes, which will require runners such as junior Jared Hayes to run an even faster time than last season.

“I just want to run without getting injured and bring my race times down,” Hayes said.

During last season’s regional 800-meter race, Jared was on pace to break his personal record of 1:59.61 minutes, but fell in the last stretch.

Freshman Alex Matta is a newcomer to track and hopes to have a good experience during his first year.

“I want to run without getting injured, and hopefully make varsity,” Matta said.

With the first meet looming, runners have been preparing for their events by doing sprint work, long runs, and individual event training.

By Ben Pinfield