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Marvel makes comeback with new movie “The Marvels”

The glue that holds cinema together, Marvel, will release “The Marvels” on Friday. The film will be a sequel to the blockbuster “Captain Marvel” and will follow as she gets her powers entangled with other heroes, such as Ms. Marvel, and they must work together to save the universe. 

“I’m hoping it’ll be good,” sophomore Jaelynn Lettsome said. :”Hopefully, they explain some stuff, especially with Nick Fury. I hope they explain the whole power swap situation in general because they changed Ms. Marvel’s powers, and it doesn’t make sense. I’m also hoping it will be good because some of the actresses have gotten a lot of hate, and not just in a dislike way, but racism. So, I’m hoping this movie is good so that this won’t give people an excuse to hate on them unnecessarily.” 

Marvel is known for connecting all of its stories back to one another in some way. As more trailers and clips are released, fans speculate how this movie will tie into the MCU. 

“I feel like ‘The Marvels’ will probably fit more into the intergalactic side of things, especially with maybe like Thor or the Eternals,” sophomore Tadi Zivotic said.

Marvel fans always look forward to extreme elements that go into its movies. Although this will be its shortest film, running at one hour and 45 minutes, fans hope to see great effects.

“I’m interested in the visual effects,” Zivotic said. “Since it has Ms. Marvel, and it’s her power and aura, I’m really curious to see how that will play into the movie. The visual effects for the MCU haven’t been that great for phase four, so as we enter phase five, hopefully, it’ll improve with this movie.”

The franchise has been including diverse characters and casts in its films for years. Something different about this team movie, in comparison to the Avengers, it is an all-female group. Along with this, the cast will include many people of color. 

“I hope people will be able to appreciate that, and that will increase the movie’s quality, but if the movie is not received well, the representation especially will not go over well,” Lettsome said. “It’s very common at the moment for people to complain about how movies are getting all woke, so, honestly, as long as they’re good actors and they’re able to portray their story well, it’s all good.”

After releasing its first movie in 2008, Marvel has gained millions of fans all over the world. It is a constant question of what makes these movies so popular with people of all identities. 

“We all grew up on them because there’s so many different versions,” Zivotic said. “I feel like for all of them to come together is super fascinating. I also think that the inclusion of many different cultural backgrounds of characters will also help it gain new fans; because of all the backgrounds, there is more relatability to the heroes.”


By Leah NgSaye

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