JV boys’ soccer takes home first victory


Drew Newlin

Junior Dawson Jenkins after win against Cocoa Beach.

The JV boys’ soccer team won its season opener at Cocoa Beach 5-0 Tuesday.

Junior midfielder Dawson Jenkins said he was was happy with the way the team showed out.

“I thought we played really well together,” Jenkins said. “We took an early 3-0 lead and cruised to victory.”

Jenkins isn’t the only player who was proud about the team’s performance.

“As a starting defender and an older player, I think the team was able to control the field,” sophomore Adrian Mahindra said. “I was proud of how all the new members on the team played.”

When it comes to personal performance, Mahindra was content with his play.

“I feel I played OK for the first game,” Mahindra said. “I was able to prevent any goals and played most of the game.”

However, Jenkins said he thought his play could have been better.

“Its a learning curve playing high-school soccer again, but I’m glad to have scored,” Jenkins said. “High-school soccer is much more physical and a lot less technical, so adjusting to the bigger players and more physical game takes some time.”

The JV team has taken in some new middle-school players this season, and Mahindra said he has seen the new players adjust to this new challenge.

“I enjoyed playing with all of the new players.” Mahindra said. “Some of them started and even scored a goal.”

By Drew Newlin