Junior class reflects on past semester

Going into the new semester, the Junior Class is reflecting on past events and figuring out the best ways to fund-raise.

“I feel like the five of us and [sponsor Kimberly] Walling work so well as a group, and I feel like I have grown a close bond with them,” Historian Iona Peters said. “We have done well with organizing fund-raisers to raise money for Prom.”

The Class has successfully raised enough money for Prom’s venue, DJ, and some decorations, however the fund-raising process has been a learning experience for the officers.

“I’ve definitely learned that it’s not at all easy to raise money, and in order to get the most out of it, the whole Junior Class must be involved,” Vice President Thien-nhi Nguyen said.

The officers are encouraging suggestions on events that students are interested in or critiques on fund-raisers.

“It helps me and the other officers better serve the rest of the class, and it shows that students care,” Nguyen said.

More fund-raising events are planned for the upcoming semester.

“[We] plan to organize a virtual fund-raiser through which anyone can donate to the Junior Class so that way we can make a better Prom as well as a better Senior year,” Nguyen said. 

By Allison Clark