Husband and wife teachers make Disney a priority



Mr. and Mrs. Glezen on a Disney ride

Without even knowing Class of 2017 graduate and current math teacher Brooke Glezen very well, anyone might guess that she likes Disney by observing that her purse, sunglasses, water cup and mask all happen to bear the company’s logos. Glezen has a love for anything and everything Disney, and the root of her admiration actually originates from when she attended the school. 

“My addiction definitely started when I went to school here because in chorus we used to go to Disney for candlelight processional and different chorus workshops,” Glezen said. “When I got to college, I started going more often, and when they began selling annual passes, I just had to get one.”

Currently, Glezen spends most of her time in the classroom, but at least once a month if not more she can be found roaming the Disney World streets. 

“Disney is my happy place,” she said. “I just love the atmosphere. I’ve always loved Disney characters and movies, so it’s really fun to go to the parks and be immersed in it. Instead of going to the mall or something, we just go to the parks and spend the afternoon there. In a dream reality, I would go twice a week if I had the time and money to do so.”

Glezen does not visit the parks alone because her husband, fellow West Shore history teacher, Austin Glezen is also passionate about Disney. 

“Ever since I was a kid, Disney was a part of my family. My favorite thing is the dedication to creating a truly one-of-a-kind and magical experience every time you visit a park,” he said. “Although There are parts each of us enjoys more, I would say, Mrs. Glezen and I love Disney the same amount.” 

For example, Brooke Glezen’s favorite park is the Magic Kingdom, but she and her husband can agree on one of their many favorite attractions.

“Magic Kingdom is the original. It has the castle. It is the largest. It is my favorite,” she said. “When it comes to attractions, my husband and I really love the Buzz Light-year Space Ranger Spin because my husband knows how to max out the points, and he is slowly teaching me.”

Austin Glezen supports this.

 “I think everyone should be able to achieve Galactic Hero status. The secret to getting a max score is to be in your own cart and shoot the special targets,” he said.

Although, Brooke Glezen is enthusiastic about Disney and owns a decent amount of paraphernalia, she has her limits and says the inside of her house does not look like an exact replica of a Disney hotel. 

I have a lot, but it’s not like you walk in, and it’s in your face,” she said. “I enjoy subtle Disney.” 

By Bella Kamon