Hurricane makeup days won’t impact Thanksgiving break

Hurricane makeup days won’t impact Thanksgiving break

Makeup days because of school closures from Hurricane Nicole will not impact the week of Thanksgiving, according to the school board. Sophomore Christian Rebec said he’s relieved that he still gets the whole week of Thanksgiving off from school. 

“I was planning on going to Missouri to visit family during Thanksgiving break,” Rebec said. “But I was still going to go even if we had school on that Monday and Tuesday.” 

Rebec says he thinks that it would’ve been unfair for the school board to use those days as hurricane makeup. 

“People have already made plans to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday,” Rebec said. “So it wouldn’t be right for the school board to make last minute changes for that week and I think that there would be a lot of students out of school those days anyway.”

Sophomore Camden Garoust said he’s looking forward to spending the week with his family.

“I like Thanksgiving because I can connect with family that I don’t usually get to see,” Garoust said. “We have Thanksgiving at my house and all of my local relatives come over.”

Garoust said family traditions make Thanksgiving special and memorable for him.

“Me and my family all watch the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV and my dad makes us breakfast,” Garoust said. “It’s something that we’ve been doing for a long time, so I look forward to it every year.” 

Rebec said he also enjoys the traditions that he has with his family from Missouri.

“We all watch football during the day on Thanksgiving, and then we go outside and play either football or kickball, depending on what everyone wants to do,” Rebec said. “And when my grandpa is carving the turkey, he lets me and my cousin break the wishbone.” 

Rebec said that Thanksgiving would be boring if he didn’t get to spend it in Missouri. 

“I have a lot of memories of Thanksgiving with my family,” Rebec said. “And it just wouldn’t be the same if I was unable to visit my family in Missouri.”

By Chloe Garoust