Goalkeeper a concern for varsity girls’ soccer

The girls’ varsity soccer team currently is facing challenges due to a shortage of goalkeepers. The team currently doesn’t have a definite starting goalkeeper as reserve goalkeeper Madison Ulhmeyer has a torn ACL and starting keeper Lauren Mannix is recovering from a broken foot. Because of this the team is considering using field player as keeper.

“Right Now now we are looking at field players who have a goal-keeping background to put in as goalkeeper right now,” Coach Jenny Pazderak said.

Field player Reagan Russo might step in as goalkeeper for the next few weeks until Mannix’s foot is healed. Striker Bree Ehmer remains confident in Russo and the team’s ability to reduce the number of shots their opponents may shoot.

“We have a full strong senior lineup to prevent shots and feel  that we don’t have very many weaknesses,” Ehmer said.

The plan is to have an extra back player on the field for stronger defense instead of a forward or striker to substitute for not having as strong of a goalkeeper.

”Although we haven’t really talked about it, I believe we are going to more defensive line and more defense back to prevent shots from reaching the goal keeper,” Ehmer said

Even though team may have to change strategies for the first few games to make up for a lack of goalkeepers, senior Lindsay Gill remains confident.

“With the team we have this year, we feel we will succeed,” she said.

By Alexander Velazquez