Girls’ soccer falls to Vero Beach 4-1

The girls’ soccer team lost its first game 4-1  Friday against Vero Beach. Vero Beach’s overall record is 6-1 and the Lady cats’ is 5-1-1. Elena Barr a sophomore scored the only goal for the Cats on Friday night.

“I don’t think that  we played to the best of  our abilities .We scored early and I think we got a little ahead of ourselves,” Luisa  De La Hoz said.”There is not a lot of drama and we support each other through everything, including our losses.”

Although they lost game, they still haven’t lost their focus.

“Everyone on the team is putting in a lot of effort,” sophomore Fallon Klenotich said. “This year we seem to agree upon what needs to fixed during  games and how to fix it.”

By Allie Henderson