Girls’ basketball thrashed by Heritage

The girls’ varsity basketball team lost to Heritage 67-19 Wednesday night and sophomore guard Jalaya King said she was extremely unhappy with the game’s result.

“I feel like the team performance was awful,” she said. “Everyone was having a hard time and no one was really in the right mindset to win. It just got worse through the quarters.”

Junior Chloe Garoust said turnovers and missed shots were to blame for the 48-point loss.

“I thought we played sloppy and we were rushed,” Garoust said. “Heritage was a really well put-together team so it was hard to compete.”

However, Garoust said she still has hope for the remaining games in the season.

“We’ll continue to practice for our upcoming games, but we have some easier games coming up that will help us get back into the groove,” she said.

King said she thinks the team needs to have a better mindset going into these next few games.

“I feel like we’ll bounce back by keeping an open mind and not having the other team discourage or influence our mindset to win,” King said.

King said she still believes the team has great potential.

“The only thing is that we need to keep giving it our all and really put in the effort in order to keep it up,” she said.

By Jack Grimison