Forensics to compete at Palm Bay High School

For many, public speaking leads to quivering voices and sweating palms but for the West Shore Forensics team, it’s a chance to show what they’re capable of. Team members juniors Srimayi Tenali and Kaylee Wilner and sophomore Moses Chavez-Gray will compete Sat., March 14 at Palm Bay High School.

“Some of them are doing a poetry or prose reading,” club sponsor Jessica Hartman said. “Srimayi is doing an original oratory. She’s actually going to be reciting a previous debate argument.”

Wilner will be reciting various poems and the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

“The best part is reading the piece,” Wilner said, “because I read some of my favorites. I also feel really accomplished after competing because it’s something that not many people would willingly do.”

A Lincoln-Douglas debate category was originally planned, but cut due to lack of participation.

“Srimayi and I were the only two people signed up to do a Lincoln-Douglas debate,” senior Molly Minta said, “which really the only kind that West Shore Forensics does. Unless Srimayi and I wanted to debate each other four times in a row, there’s no point in us going for that category.”

Hartman is optimistic about results of the competition.

“We always do really well,” she said, “and these are all seasoned veterans. They know exactly what they’re doing, what they’re up against. I’m convinced that we will do well.”

By Bonnie Rice