FAST Round 2: Jury is still out

After completing the second round of FAST testing, freshman Camryn Saunders said she dislikes the new replacement for the FSA. FAST does not reduce the amount of time taken by standardized testing. It does, however, monitor students’ growth throughout the year with smaller assessments instead of the alternative of having one big high-stakes test.

“It feels like sort of a waste of time because it’s still state mandated testing, and it’s basically just taking the FSA three times with apparently no meaning behind it,” Saunders said.

To some students, the test takes away the stress of having one big test at the end of the year that can determine whether they pass the grade level.

“Honestly, I think it’s way less stressful just because there is way less pressure over passing or failing the FAST tests,” freshman Cassidy Corey said.

Freshman Peyton Haney also agrees that FAST testing puts less pressure on her.

“I wasn’t nervous,” she said. “It was like every other test, and it was not as big a worry as the FSA.”

While it may be less stressful, Saunders said she thinks that it’s not a good way to test subject knowledge.

“Not all students are good at test taking, especially under stressful circumstances,” she said. “Like someone could be really good at reading comprehension, be at the top of their class, and write incredible essays, but if test taking is not their thing, it won’t show what they are actually capable of.”

By Sarah McCray