COVID cramps JV soccer

After the first four games of the season, the boys junior varsity soccer team is 2-2 heading into its fifth game. 

“This season so far it is not the greatest reflection of our team as we could have,” freshman Rushil Shah said. 

Trying to hone in their skills and focus on improving their record practices have been very fast paced to prepare them for games. 

“For practice, we do a plethora of drills to improve our skill sets as well as scrimmages to replicate game like situations,” Shah said.

COVID-19 has had an impact on the team already early on in the season. 

“Due to COVID around six of our players are out, including both of our goal keepers which made our team have to improvise quite a bit. Regardless of that fact we are still playing well and will continue to get better as players get back from quarantine,” Shah said.

By Hayden Millband