Boys’ varsity basketball optimistic as season begins

As the boys’ varsity basketball team snaps out of conditioning and slips into preseason, sophomore Jack Boucher said he feels a great heading into the season which starts today.

“I think the team is looking good, honestly even though we lost like eight seniors we have some reliable good players coming up,” he said.

Ever since the team lost eight seniors, upperclassmen are beginning take charge.

“Since we don’t have many older kids, the ones we do have are Chris [Wood] and Adrian [Delia] who are going to have to step up and be leaders,” Boucher said.

Despite the loss of multiple players, Boucher said he still feels like the team has good chemistry which will contribute to a great season.

“We also have been playing together really well, so I think it will continue to translate into the season,” Boucher said.

To make things better, junior Garrett Martin said he thinks the loss of seniors will not affect their season, instead, this season might be one of their best.

“Even with all of our seniors graduated I think our team is looking just as good, maybe even better,” he said.

On top of a great upcoming season, some players said they believe that their bond will be stronger than last season and that this will be a great chance to redeem themselves after a 6-15 season.

“During the break from last season we’ve been super-committed and never stopped training for the next season, what will be different this year is our team chemistry,” Martin said. “We’re all super dedicated and close and we all want to win.” 

By Adithya Niyogi