100-hour community service due Friday

As time in running out, students are collecting all their community service hours in order to get a special recognition at the high school award ceremony towards the end of the year. The deadline is March 17 where all 100 hours or more are due.

Sophomore Emily Shoemaker set this as her goal because she knows it looks good on college applications.

“I am doing this because I want to make sure I’m dedicating a good amount of time doing community service,” Shoemaker said. “The only pressure I would say is when it gets down to the deadline and I haven’t reached 100 hours yet. It can be a little bit frustrating trying to rush and make sure I have all of my hours done and signed. What motivates me is the fact that all of my hours put in I know is going toward something good while giving back to the community. Managing community service with schoolwork isn’t that difficult for me so I suggest those students to set 100 hours as a future goal.”

Sophomore Victoria Skaggs thought it would be a fun challenge since a couple people didn’t think she could do it so she decided to prove them wrong.

“I’ve never done it before and I wanted to try something new,” Skaggs said. “Since it was my choice, I’m not necessarily pressured but the deadline does have me a little stressed about getting my hours signed as soon as possible. A couple people I know don’t think I have the ability to get my hours turned in on time so I am using that as my motivation. The award out of getting 100 community service hours would be bragging rights and the fact that I got to be more helpful to others around me. Also I was able to prove my worth to them.

By Isabella Serrano