Sophomore Class raises cash with temporary tats


Emily Dubec-Hunter

Temporary spirit tattoos are being sold to help raise funds for the Sophomore Class.

Wildcat Paw print temporary tattoos will begin to be sold for Sophomore Class this year at sporting events for 50 cents.

Sophomore class sponsor Gabrielle Powers said she wants to sell as many as possible in preparation for Prom, senior breakfast and graduation.

“The seniors this year aren’t prepared for all their upcoming events as they should,” Powers said. “So I want to make sure we do plenty of fund-raising so Sophomore Class will be much better prepared in future years.”

The temporary tattoos initially were sold for Spirit Day in September but several remain.

“This year there didn’t seem to be as much school spirit from the students because spirit day took place on Monday (instead of Friday),” Powers said.

Sophomore Class President Moses Chavez-Gray has concerns with the sales of the tattoos.

“I’m not to confident in tattoo sales because of the lack of school spirit in the student body,” Chavez-Gray said. “But I think as the year progresses the tattoo sales will improve.”

Those interested in purchasing a temporary tattoo should see Powers in Room 15-105.

By David Thompson