Siblings create local environmental group


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Jessica Marzano (10), second from right, celebrates a recent beachside tree planting.

As the population of the world rapidly increases and resources are being over-consumed, the earth has been in its worst conditions, environmentally, yet. Seeing the risks that are posed for the future, Luke Marzano (11) decided to take a stand and do something few typical kids would do: start an environmental organization. Called the Global Sustainability Group, the organization was designed to increase awareness of sustainable living through environmentally friendly community activities, such as planting trees, beach cleanup and much more.

“At first, the goal was to start with planting trees in our own neighborhood because it was barren and unhealthy,” Marzano said. “Eventually, this lead us to even more and greater projects dedicated to helping the earth in many ways.”

However, Luke isn’t the only one involved in the group, as he’s gained attention from around town.

“My sister [Jess] and I mainly run the program with the help of our parents, Peter Marzano and Linda Marzano,” Luke said. “We also get help from organizations such as Sun Harbor Nursery, Melbourne Beach Garden Club and, most of all, other volunteers helping to make a better environment.”

Jess Marzano (10) is a strong believer in what she and her brother are trying to achieve.

“Overpopulation and pollution have become great problems in society, and these problems are causing even more,” Jess said. “We are trying to increase awareness of such problems facing our earth and how to live sustainably to combat those problems in everyday life.”

The future for the program, however, remains uncertain.

“Hopefully more people in our hometown will become more aware and want to make a change like us,” Luke said. “With Jess and I leaving for college soon, and us being the founders, it’ll be harder for us to run it, so we hope we can put the group in the hands of someone who has the same philosophies as we do.”

Luke and Jess have impressed a lot of people — but especially their parents — with how much they have accomplished so far.

“The two have helped the environment in many ways so far, and with them still having three years, the amount they can achieve is endless,” said Peter Marzano. “We never knew our children would be like this, and it brings a big smile to our faces that these two are this dedicated to helping the environment. We are very proud of their success and hard work.”

The group plans to maintain its goal of spreading awareness of sustainable living by keeping the city clean and planting more trees in hopes to bring more and more people under their scope and better yet, expand their philosophies.

By James Green