School celebrates Literacy Week


As part of Literacy Week, Florida, the school will start each day this week with a new theme as a way to impress the importance of literacyon students. The week-long celebration has been coordinated by language arts teacher Jodie Capron.

“I am really excited to accessorize according to the theme of each day next week,” Isabel Burden said. “I hope most of the teachers let us read during class.”

On “Mad Hatter Monday,” students will be permitted wear hats that reference literary works. “Toe Fashion Tuesday” allows students to wear crazy socks. Wednesday, will be encouraged to research an unusual word and share it with their peers and Thursday, students can wear literary phrases or quotes on shirts or posters.

On Friday, English teachers will encourage their students to read a book of their choice during class.

“Personally, I don’t have the time to read for pleasure because of homework and outside-of-school life,” junior Sarah Paylor said. “But, having Literacy Week definitely encourages me to find time to read other than my school textbooks.”

By Jane Theofiledes