Red Ribbon Week kicks off Oct. 27


Kha Duong

Juniors Laura Rantanen and Malika Shahzad decorate Jill Whitacre’s classroom door during last year’s Red Ribbon Week.

Prepare to see superheroes and patriots Oct. 27-31 as SADD Club hosts its annual Red Ribbon Week, celebrated to raise awareness for a drug-free lifestyle. “I think it will be a lot of fun, and just like another Spirit Week,” sophomore Alicia Handley said. “Its a wonderful way to spread awareness about an important topic.” The themes are Crazy Sock Day on Monday, America Day on Tuesday, Superhero Day on Wednesday, College Day on Thursday and Wear Red Day on Friday. In addition, on Oct. 27, home rooms will decorate classroom doors with anti-drug messages. Red Ribbon Week also will focus on anti-bullying. “[Bullying] has just finally become something thats more comfortable to talk about than it ever has been,” SADD sponsor Jessica Hartman said. “In previous generations, or even when I was in school, you just dealt with it when you got bullied but now its something that we can talk about and stop.” Hartman said SADD  will be doing more projects in the upcoming months that will help combat bullying and raise awareness.

“We’re going to hit the ground running,” Hartman said.

By Katelyn Kent