New solar array energizes campus


Stone Kershaw, Staff Writer

A new Solar array is being constructed outside the chemistry building,  providing energy for the school and as providing an opportunity for students to become more aware of alternative energy sources.

Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer explained how the project has been funded.

“Florida Power and Light has an education program,” she said. “They got a grant, and they are installing solar power systems in about a 100 different schools throughout the state of Florida.”

She also says the array will help in the learning process of students and teachers.

“This program is allowing the students and teachers to learn about the next energy source,” she said.  “It also gets the kids interested in solar energy and makes them aware about the benefits they provide.”

West Shore is one of 10 facilities chosen to receive a solar array in Brevard County.

“FPL has a website were they show all the facilities that has received a solar array,” Halbuer said. “You can click on one the schools and see how much energy is being produced, the amount of houses that the array can sustain, as well as how much CO2 it prevented from going into the atmosphere.”

She also said benches will be placed underneath the solar array to give students a place in shade during Power Hour. However, she warned the structure is not waterproof so if it rains, moisture will leak in between the solar panels.

At least one junior expressed optimism regarding the project.

“I am glad to see that schools are beginning to become more energy efficient,”Chase Montgomery said. ” If only everybody would buy into the panels or maybe there should be a tax incentive to stimulate the growth of using solar panels these days. We would not have to relay on coal as much as recent decades and would be more beneficial for the future.”

If you would like to see FPL website about the installation of solar arrays check the link below.