Apple introduces significant iPhone changes


The new iPhone 11 sports a redesigned camera system.

Isabel Burden, Business Manager

The annual Apple Keynote presentation recently unveiled three new iPhones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These new models have a plethora of new features, some of which are long awaited.  

The iPhone 11 models have longer lasting battery, something desired by Apple fans for some time now. Another noteworthy feature is the apparently stronger and more durable glass screen which will come in handy for those who are prone to cracking theirs. But the most popular feature for these new models is the bigger and better camera.

The iPhone 11 has a new dual-camera system, which has an extra wide angle camera lens on the back of the phone, allowing the user to take wider and clearer pictures. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have a new triple camera system, which can take even wider pictures, as well as better pictures in low lighting. They can also shoot video with 4k quality, allowing users to shoot smartphone footage rivaling that of a traditional camera. These features are alongside a faster chip and a custom OLED screen that makes colors brighter and clearer. 

Senior Grace Novak said she is happy with the new iPhone models.

“It is super-innovative and totally different from other iPhones in the past,” she said. “The coolest new feature is definitely the option of having three cameras.”

Senior Isha Patel said she disagrees.

“[I dislike] the new design of the cameras because it isn’t as clean looking as previous models,” she said.