History teacher Murphy cast in ‘Anne Frank’


History teacher Kirk Murphy will be playing the part of Otto Frank in the Cocoa Beach Surfside Players’ production of “The Diary of Anne Frank”starting Friday.

“I originally wasn’t going to do the play because I had a lot of other things going on,” Murphy said. “But the director called me and personally asked me to do it, so that’s the main reason I decided to do it.”

Due to the educational opportunities, the theater is offering special ticket prices of $10 for students (originally $17), and $10 for teachers (originally $22).

“I really like the director, and I’ve done other things with him in the past,” Murphy said. “I don’t think I’m a sterling actor, but the director knows I’ll be there, learn my lines and take direction.”

English teacher Adrienne Gent plans to attend the play with her daughter.

“I’m really looking forward to the play and I’m especially excited to see how my daughter likes it,” Gent said. “I think the play is really educational and since my daughter is going into seventh grade, I think it’s a good time for her to start getting firmilair with the play.”

The cast includes several teachers including former West Shore language arts teacher Sue Teplica, who will be playing Edith Frank.

To reserve discounted tickets, call 321-783-3127 or email [email protected]

By Kenzie Scott