Girls’ soccer conditioning to begin this month


Dean Stewart Photography

Sophomore Elena Barr said summer conditioning will benefit next year’s team.

As the school year comes to an end, one sport is just beginning again. The varsity girls’ soccer team will start conditioning for the upcoming season at the end of this month. These sessions are open to any player who is interested in trying out for the team when the new season starts.

Sophomore Elena Barr, who has been on the varsity soccer team since eighth grade, said it is beneficial to begin conditioning early so the team can focus on playing during the season.

“We’ll definitely be a lot more fit next season,” Barr said. “Since we’re starting in the summer, the team will be able to see each other and get to know each other better. It’s also good because during the actual soccer season we’ll be able to actually play more and get better. I really want to do well next season, and if we’re more fit to begin with I think we can.”

Conditioning in the summer isn’t the only change for the girls’ soccer team. The junior varsity Coach Jenny Pazderak recently was promoted to the varsity team after Teresa Moon, who had managed the team for three years, took a job as the head coach of the Eastern Florida State College women’s soccer team.

“The conditioning during the summer is also good because we’ll get to know our new coach better in that time and find out what her style of coaching is,” Barr said. “Since she’ll be seeing us often during the summer, when tryouts actually come around, she can get a better idea of who she might want on the team next season.” 

Freshman Jenna Franklin, who played on the junior varsity team  said Pazderak is the right person for the job because of how well interacts with the players.

“I really like the fact that Jenny is so easy to get along with,” Franklin said. “She’s a really good coach, and I think she’ll do a good job handling the varsity team. She can be serious if she needs to be, but overall she’s pretty laid back, and I think next year will be a lot of fun.”

By Alexa Carlos