French teacher Walker bids au revoir


Allie Henderson

Freshman Cassidy Kuhar walk the runway in a French fashion show as teacher Jennifer Walker looks on.

French teacher Jennifer Walker has announced that she will be retiring Dec. 31. With her departure, only three teachers remain from the original faculty that opened the school in 1998. Several of her students are saddened by the news.

“I’m so surprised and disappointed that she’s leaving,” sophomore Jayln Moore said. “She’s such a good teacher because she makes French exciting, like when we watched movies. As a person, she is super-funny and nice.”

Freshman Bailey Hetzel said she will miss Walker’s teaching style and cheerful personality.

“She’s just really passionate about her job,” Hetzel said. “That feeling comes through to us and it just really encourages us to learn the language.”

Dr. Malika Alaoui will be the French teacher when school resumes Jan. 8.

“All I’ve heard is that she is from Morocco and has a doctorate degree,” sophomore French student Alana Mayott said. “I also heard she speaks French, Arabic, Spanish and, of course, English.”

With Walker’s departure, physical education teachers Nicole Anagnostis, Bonnie Bettis, Greg Eller and social studies teacher Kirk Murphy the remaining faculty from West Shore’s inaugural faculty.

By Shelbi Winslow