Dance team names new captains


Dean Stewart Photography

Junior Devin Dolnik has been named one of the new captains for the Purrfections dance team.

The Purrfections dance team has named new captains for the 2015-2016 season. The current junior dancers Mattie Shaw, and Devin Dolnik were chosen to be the new captains after having to write an essay explaining why they would make a great leader and were tested on how well they could teach choreography.

“Mattie is a great leader, and Devin has great technique,” junior varsity dancer Kristina Youngson said. “I really believe that they will be able to step up to the plate and ensure that our team reaches its full potential.”

The two have varied experiences with captain responsibilities and different ways of bringing something new to the table.

“Coming from 16 years of being on a gymnastics team, I was able to adapt to captain-like actions because I have always been one of the oldest on the team. I felt obligated to take on the momma bird position,” Shaw said.

“I will try to bring organization, dedication and leadership in order to make the team the best it can be,” Dolnik said.

The team has set new expectations and is looking forward for the upcoming season.

“Hopefully we will bond more,” Youngson said. “Since it is my last year, I am looking more towards making memories and having a fun experience.”

Dolnik expressed similar hopes.

“I am also looking forward to getting closer to all the girls and being captain having more say in the choreography process,” she said.

The Purrfections are planning to start choreography as soon as the school year ends.

”I am super-excited to start choreographing our competition routines, which we start early June,” Shaw said. “We are trying to take a different route and try new styles that we haven’t done before, so it will be exciting to see how the team adapts.”

Dolnik said she ready to get started.

“Mattie and I are planning on setting aside more time for bonding, which will allow the team to be more unified both in dance and outside, which will be a big difference from last year,” she said.

By Alexa Eenhuis